Precautions for road lamp installation


1. Determine the installation position and method of the lamps and ballasts according to the actual lighting needs of the work site, and then prepare the three-core cable of the corresponding length according to the distance from the lamp to the ballast contact and the distance from the ballast to the 220V power contact Line (the cable line provided with the lamp can be used if the distance is not more than 2 meters).

2. When the distance between the lamp and the ballast contact exceeds 2 meters, the three-core cable needs to be replaced. That is, use an allen wrench to unscrew the six hex socket bolts of the lamp housing, pull out the lamp body, remove the three-core cable that comes with the lamp, and then connect the prepared three-core cable according to the original wiring method.

3. Unscrew the fastening bolts on the ballast box cover with a socket wrench, remove the box cover, introduce one end of the three-core cable of the lamp into the ballast cavity through the introduction device of the ballast output port, and put the red wire , Black wire (or blue wire) and yellow-green wire are connected to the ballast terminals 4, 5 and 6 respectively, and then tighten the compression nut.

4. Lead one end of the prepared three-core power cable into the ballast cavity through the introduction device of the ballast input port, and then connect the L wire (fire wire), N wire (neutral wire) and ground wire to the ballast respectively And tighten the compression nut on the terminals of No. 1, 2, and 3 of the device.

5. Close the ballast box cover and tighten the fastening bolts, and finally connect the other end of the three-core cable to the 220V power supply according to the explosion-proof requirements.

6. When replacing the bulb, first cut off the power, check whether the hanging chain is hung, and then use an allen wrench to unscrew the six hexagon socket bolts on the lamp housing, carefully pull down the lamp body part to separate the lamp body from the lamp cap housing Unscrew the old bulb and replace it with a new bulb.